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Top 5 Mistakes I Made With $1M In Facebook Ad Spend 

October 09, 20228 min read

Top 5 Mistakes I Made With $1M In Facebook Ad Spend

As the company owner of More Media, I have made a lot of mistakes in marketing. The good thing is, I also learned a lot about what works best. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you not just the top five mistakes I made with a million dollars in ad spend but also the foolproof solutions you can use to improve your business and client relationships. Ready to learn more? Read along!

#1: Communication

Mistake: Not having a clear exchange with the client

When I first started, we delivered tons of content. We would get tons of clicks and DMS and messages and website inquiries, but clients weren't always perfectly satisfied with that because they didn't know how to translate that into sales.

We started giving them lists of leads. They also did not know how to get the systems to turn those into. And so we always thought we were doing our job and giving them an exchange for our service, but they were not always satisfied.

Also, most offices, teams, and businesses do not have a marketing and sales team, and they're not very well trained. And so, by delivering the leads and people who were sending inquiries didn't necessarily mean they would make more money because they didn't know what to do with that business.

Solution: Phone consultations

Before every offer, we require a phone consultation where it becomes crystal clear what we are exchanging for the price of their Ad Spend and for the price of our service. They didn't have the systems to make use of the leads that we gave them.

Forcing the calls and pushing them into that method, into that space. We're able to get super clear on when the exchange happens and when the sale happens, because it's basically a pre-sale to book them for the appointment in the local office.

Now, we make it super clear for all of our clients because we're just focused on phone calls. Every agency and sales person out there is focused on calls and phone calls because it's one of the lowest friction and lowest cost ways to pre-qualify leads and get them booked for the next process in your sales system.

#2: Client Reporting

Mistake: Not holding clients accountable

We did not hold our clients accountable for any stats. We were serving them. Right? Who were we to ask them to set their numbers wrong? It's never going to work that way. If you're spending someone's money and your job is to make them more money, you have to know if you made them more money.

When we first started doing the phone process, we were not holding clients accountable for marking how that went. There was no report about how much money people spend when they start their business.

We could not pivot and change our KPIs and change our standards to be able to make sure our clients were making money. In addition to not being able to know their stats, we also didn't know how to make our offers or systems better. We weren't holding them accountable for what they were doing with the leads.

Solution: Hold clients accountable

Now we hold them accountable for who shows up to every single phone call and what those calls end up being. To know how we can expand or pivot, we hold our clients accountable for a number of things, depending on what needs to be done. The most important are the following;

  • Leads

  • Business costs

  • Inquiries/Phone calls

  • Before and after sales

#3: Offers

Mistake: Bad offers

When we first started, everything we did was up to our clients, and it was in every industry. It wasn't just chiropractic. I've worked in a lot of different industries with our media teams, and we would let them decide the offers based on what they wanted to do, what made sense to them.

It's a terrible way to run a business. You should really be educated on the offers that work best in your industry and also on the money models to make sure you're profitable or breaking even. at least on your Ad Spend. Before we were doing phone calls and before we were doing the other things I mentioned, we were just spending money, spending their budget that they were using on us. And we didn't really know how that was translating into the money model of what they were selling. So they may get a hundred leads for a product, though that may only be worth a hundred bucks, and the cost would be way too much for them.

Solution: Customized offers/money model

When we started to change that money model to start selling things that were going to be worth $250, $500 up front and then selling another one thousand, two thousand, five thousand dollar product, we were able to make sure we were making money every single time we put dollars in.

We were able to make our offers sexier. I think by now, if you're interested in any marketing, you should go read Alex Hormozi’s $100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No. If you're not familiar, there's a lot of things you can do to make your offers better.

#4: Focusing on the Solution Instead of the Problem

Mistake: Focusing on the solution

In our industry, working with natural health service providers, there's huge egos. Everyone wants to believe that they're the solution to every problem. But when you go around telling everyone that you are the solution to the problem, this is a quote I actually heard from somebody else. If you go around acting like you're the solution, it makes you seem like you have a big ego. No one wants to listen to you.

But when you go around talking about people's problems and empathizing with them and providing a solution, when they. To that problem. You're actually able to guide them in a way that's helpful. We have to remember, they're not subscribing to us or buying our thing. They're subscribing to our ideas first.

Solution: Focusing on the problem

When we started marketing the problems like the headache challenge, knee pain challenge, we started without changing anything else about our offers. Getting way cheaper leads to way more interest, just because we are focusing on a problem and packaging it in a way that says we are going to solve this specific solution.

Focus on the actual problems. Don't just try to sell your solution. Most of the time, what you believe is a solution doesn't actually fix problems that people have. You need to make sure you're solving the problems.

#5: Friction

Mistake: Tons of friction

We were so terrified to ask our clients for more and to tell our clients that we needed to take more control and more access to be able to pivot quickly. We would be logging into our client's ClickFunnels account or their MailChimp or active campaign, because we wanted to be able to make it easy for them. Or we would be working with 10 or 20 different tools to be able to provide for all the different clients in the way that they wanted to be served.

Instead, what actually happened was that we had a ton of friction when it came to serving our clients. It was extremely difficult to pivot because all of these systems were totally different. And then we had to be able to pioneer our own way to make this better. Luckily, there's a lot of technology for that when you go high-level.

Solution: Removing friction

There are a lot of things you need to look out for when it comes to eliminating friction in your marketing campaigns. Here are some tips that worked for us:

  • Create all of the business accounts such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. Install and track them.

  • Make sure you have a point of contact who is not the owner of the business. A manager or staff member who has all the logins and a phone number you can use for two factor authentication. This person has all the systems and permission, and probably a credit card on file when you need to update and make changes inside of other systems.

By doing this, it won’t be hard to make changes or require the business owner to work with us often. Now, with the remote media teams, we're able to work with their teams and help them install teams. They're able to work with my team, so often I'm not having to work one-on-one with clients, unless they're my top clients or people we're doing a lot of services for.

There you have it. Those are the top five mistakes we made with a million dollars in Ad Spend, I've made millions of dollars of mistakes. I really don't want that to happen to you. We hope you find this content valuable for your business. If you want more details or want to have a private conversation, feel free to contact us via social media. We’ll be happy to help!

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